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Experience the ultimate restaurant management game with Animal Restaurant MOD APK! Serve cute critters, cook delicious dishes, and build your own gastronomic empire. Download now!
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Sep 9, 2023
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Animal Restaurant MOD APK is a delightful management simulation game that begins with a stray cat finding its way to your restaurant in the forest. As the owner, you have the opportunity to welcome this clumsy, dirty kitty and let it work alongside you. Embark on a heartwarming journey as you learn new recipes, decorate your restaurant with various furniture styles, hire adorable feline staff, and build relationships with customers.

Animal Restaurant MOD APK

Features of Animal Restaurant APK

Explore a World of Delicious Recipes

In Animal Restaurant, you can expand your culinary skills by learning a wide range of recipes. From mouthwatering taiyaki and strawberry pancakes to refreshing shaved ice and savory spaghetti, the game offers an extensive menu. You can even serve delectable dishes like pizza and avocado sandwiches. Experiment, create, and delight your customers with your culinary expertise.

Customize Your Restaurant

Unleash your creativity and personalize your restaurant by mixing and matching different styles of furniture. Whether you prefer European elegance with dessert tables, Japanese charm with fences, or Mediterranean vibes with ovens, there are numerous options to choose from. Additionally, you can create an enchanting Alice in Wonderland-style garden tea party area, adding a touch of whimsy to your establishment.

Adorable Feline Staff

As you progress in the game, you’ll have the chance to hire a variety of cute feline staff members. From the elegant ragdoll cat and the friendly tabby cat to the charming big orange cat, each staff member brings their unique personality to your restaurant. Additionally, you’ll encounter an eccentric chef who you’ll need to build a good relationship with.

Interact with Diverse Customers

By working diligently, you’ll attract a steady stream of customers to your restaurant. Engage in conversations with this diverse crowd and listen to their thoughts and stories. You can choose to be a compassionate listener, engage in friendly debates, or participate in their lives to bring about positive change. Through chats and letters, you’ll discover secrets, gossip, and heartwarming experiences that will deepen your connection with the customers.

Animal Restaurant MOD APK

Create a Cozy and Cute Atmosphere

Animal Restaurant is designed to be a simple yet cozy and cute place that feels like home. The charming visuals and relaxing soundtrack contribute to the warm ambiance of your restaurant. Immerse yourself in the inviting atmosphere as you interact with customers and build your own heartwarming story.

How to Download and Install Animal Restaurant MOD APK?

Here are the steps to download this game:

Enable allow download from unknown source option from your Android mobile settings.

  • Visit the Apkstreamz website and search for the game.
  • Read the game guide and then click on the download now option.
  • Download the .apk file.
  • Locate the download file and click Install to start the installation process of the game.
  • Done! Upon successful installation, you will be able to play the game on your mobile for free.


Animal Restaurant offers a heartwarming and immersive management simulation experience. From welcoming a stray cat and working together to serving delicious recipes, decorating your restaurant, and forming meaningful relationships with customers, the game provides endless opportunities for enjoyment and personalization. Embark on this delightful adventure, open your own restaurant, and start creating unforgettable memories in Animal Restaurant.

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