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VMeetup is a great place to make friends. You'll be able to find friends with the same interests through Meet Up. You can choose to be interested in a particular sport, cooking, knitting, or another activity.
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June 24, 2023
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AMOS APP is a New Android Snapchat Friends App that falls under Social Networking. Andi Muco released this great software. This amazing mobile software is rated 4.53821 by 1204 users worldwide, according to the latest statistics from AMOS – Make New Snap Friends download page.


Hopefully, you have guessed by the title that this post is about reviewing an app. We will give you all the information you need about AMOS – a Snap Friend. Let’s not waste a moment and get started.

Why choose AMOS App?

AMOS – Create New Snap Friends App for Smartphones is a free mobile app that can be downloaded and used by 1204 users worldwide. It has received 4.53821 stars. It works with most iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Andy Muko created it on 2020-02-18 at 08:00:00. Andy Muko made the latest 1.4 downloads. AMOS believes real relationships can be built without adding random Snapchat “friends.” Our goal is to help you create meaningful and real relationships.

Amazingly, there are so many apps available today. With the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, it’s easy for users to discover new apps. App Store and Play store allow individuals, companies, and developers to promote their applications. The Google Play Store allows users to download the app quickly. App creation has become easier thanks to mobile and computer technology advances.

The software that will help you build an app can be found, even if your programming skills are not the best. YouTube can teach you basic programming skills that will help you create apps. We will be looking at Amos, a particular app. All information about Amos and its surroundings will be provided. Let’s get started.


The Amos app is not very well-known. It was released on July 10, 2020. At the moment, it is only supported by iOS. It works perfectly with your iOS 10, iPad, iPod, or iPhone. Amos App allows you to meet people from around the globe. It is easy to add new friends, and you can even create an account that explains who they are.

You can also post stories to increase your story views. You can also earn diamonds, allowing you to create more usernames. The Amos app was created to help Snapchat users find new friends. It is not meant to be confused with teen dating websites. Be calm when using it. The Amos app is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age. You can get a VIP membership for the app and enjoy many other features.

You can unblock ads from your feed and unlock favorite/crushes. VIP membership fees are $9.99 per week and automatically renew monthly. After you confirm your purchase, your iTunes card will be charged.

Features of AMOS APP

It can be difficult to make new friends. As we age, it becomes more difficult. We are often busy with paying our bills and saving for the future. Today’s digital age is a great thing. We can do almost anything with a click of our smartphones or PCs. One of these things includes making new friends that will be your lifelong friends. This article will tell you about the best apps for making new friends.

Bumble BFF

Bumble BFF is an extremely popular friend-making app. This app is great for those who want to connect with others. Bumble BFF’s creators stress that the platform is designed to help people build healthy and supportive relationships. It doesn’t restrict anyone. You can make friends anywhere. Many of you already use Bumble Dating App. You can use Bumble BFF if you are already using it.

Your interests and activities determine Bumble BFF matches and friends. After you upload your photo and complete your biography, your account will be verified. To show you are open to making new friends, you can look through other people’s profiles. Swipe right to connect with someone. The woman must make the first move on another dating app. Bumblebee BFF does not work like that. Anyone can take the first step.

Get together

Meetup is a great place to make friends. You’ll be able to find friends with the same interests through Meet Up. You can choose to be interested in a particular sport, cooking, knitting, or another activity. You can share your interests with others and even learn from them. It’s easy to join Meet Up and create your user account. A Meet-Up account can be created using your email address, Google, Apple, or Facebook. Once you successfully create an account, you can log in to select items relevant to your area and interests.

It’s easy to find meetups in your local area. You can organize, host, and create a Meetup group. Users can personalize and schedule events. You can also message other members of the group and share photos. The Meet Up app needs full access to your network and GPS to identify your location and recommend you to friends. This app is for those who wish to join a group or club. You can also apply if you’re interested in starting a club like Book Club, Writers Club, and many more.

Next Door

Another app that can save the day is Next Door. This app was created specifically for people who moved into a new area and wished to make new friends. This is personal, and you are the only ones involved. The app aims to create strong, meaningful relationships within the local neighborhood. The app can be used for many purposes without you having to make friends. You can also sell products and household items or share virtual yards with your neighbors.

The app also allows you to search for part-time jobs nearby, such as dog walking or babysitting. This app is very secure. It uses a system to ensure everything is private within a specific neighborhood. Only real neighbors can join the app to connect with others. Before you can join the app, this is a strict verification.

Hey Vina

This app is for making friends. However, it offers a unique idea. It can be matched with Tinder for girlfriends. This app is designed for women looking to make friends with women. The founders created the app to empower women. It strengthens their friendship and personalities. It works exactly like other friend apps. You can swipe to add or remove someone.

The app allows you to read blogs about women and answer various questions. June is State O’Weiner’s founder and CEO. Her goal was to build a global community of women who would support and inspire each other. She believes that women can change the world together and inspire others.

The app is a partner with Tinder and has been featured in major magazines like Elite Daily and The New York Times. This app is for girls who want to make new friends.

How to make a friend online safely?

It can be difficult to make new friends online. It is important to find people who share your views. You want to find like-minded people. You need to be quick and secure when making friends online. It’s difficult to distinguish between the many different types. You can’t predict their capabilities because you don’t know their capabilities. There are many ways to make friends online and keep your information safe.

Make sure you use the right apps

Today, there are many friend apps. Friendship is open to everyone. You can have casual friendships or be romantic. Privacy and security are the main issues. You may discover that your data is not secured in some applications. These are just a few of the many. Apps that do more to ensure everyone is legitimate should be used.

Limit your personal information

You will need to fill out a bio if you want to join an app that allows you to make friends. Your bio lets others know who you are and what you enjoy. You should not give out too much personal information in the Bio section.


We have attempted to explain the AMOS APP in detail with answers to frequently asked questions. After reading the following points, it will become clear that you understand all aspects of this personal tool. We conclude that AMOS APP download is the only Apk entertainment tool with many amazing features. It is easy to use the free version to get to know its features and then move on to premium features. We also spoke out about safety.

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