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Within Age of Apes, players will be transported into an alternate world in which it was the Last War of humanity took place and destroyed everything. 
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Age of Apes Mod APK is a construction game in which you have to construct an abode for a group of monkeys living on a nearly destroyed planet. Numerous buildings can bring positive effects and make it more difficult for players to accomplish the mission. However, there are battles to be expected, and you’ll create a formidable army to fight wild monkeys.

Age of Apes Mod APK



Within Age of Apes, players will be transported into an alternate world in which it was the Last War of humanity took place and destroyed everything. It was a great blessing that the monkeys escaped the conflict, but it was not a peaceful scene, as there was no food for the animals. Therefore, in the chaotic scene, six of the strongest monkeys were battling to lead the way and begin the task of conquering space and shooting for bananas. Of course, they’ve developed rockets for this.

Rockets that want to reach the skies must obtain sufficient energy from uranium, a material commonly found on plants that have had war. The rocket is fueled and can launch anytime; however, it is perfectly stable till it explodes. Once it reached an undetermined distance, the rocket started to collapse under pressure, and as a result, it exploded, and its fragments were split into different parts. The monkeys continue to gather debris and undertake research.


After watching the monkeys losing on Age of Apes, you’ll assist them in developing their base and meeting various goals for growth. The first thing you’ll have to be attentive to is the building of the necessary buildings. You can also request the monkeys to travel to any spot to find something, and this method can be used for obtaining Uranium at the beginning of the course. Other items are easily found.

The areas in this game are covered in fog, and it’s hard for players to discern the debris, although they can swipe anywhere in any spot. Thus, a building which can help players explore diverse locations is known as an intelligence station. The device that it comes with is a scout’s monkey. It is equipped with a drone that can fly around at your instructions, and each location it visits will clear the fog and show the location of the search.

It’s possible to say that there are a variety of buildings you can unlock, and if you don’t decide which ones to go for first, you must keep track of the events, particularly the quests. The game provides an extensive quest system that comes with impressive rewards. You can go through the requirements to bring you closer to the component related to the quest. You can build the element you desire, and the main events will begin officially.


A few fragments of rockets have been discovered and can be collected within the Age of Apes environment; however, mutant monkeys are more focused on others. They don’t want peace, so everything goes into multiple conflicts. However, the two structures you’ll need to construct following are the Arena in which you can meet an opponent and the pilot’s camp, where you can train various groups.

After completing the preparation, you can transfer the base into a location close to the rocket’s debris by using the available energy. While you’re there, you’ll choose precisely the target to take on first to defend your base. Once you have done that, the fight will begin rapidly. As time passes, the battle is determined by strength. Fighters can build energy and develop specific skills that support their teammates and fight off enemies.

Users will not be able to take their eyes off the progress of a monkey alliance

  • Players will be able to learn about the planet’s current state following the human war and assist the remaining monkeys in fulfilling their dreams.
  • In the world, it is possible to discover and collect various objects, and fogs can be cured by special scout monkeys adept at exploring.
  • The range of tasks available is varied by using description lines and buttons that let you access the element you want to build or work on.
  • Creating an army is vital as a first team usually has combatants and support units that can be trained.
  • The fight begins when the participant decides on the opponent he must destroy in the battle. During the battle, the players will use specific abilities.

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